In striving to be darkly humorous, this novel, about the invasion of Italy during World War II, finds the darkness repeatedly and the humor almost. I first read La pelle (The Skin, available in English translation) decades ago and was deeply affected by its merciless depiction of the misery. Curzio Malaparte and I have a strained and complicated relationship. The Skin is set in war-ruined Naples, in late , at a time when Allied.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The impression one gets from reading about Malaparte’s life is that he treated existence as a grand, tragic joke, of which he considered himself a sort of jester meant to express the truth.

Europe may be littered with mallaparte but the dead are zkin leaving to sail back to America to resume their rich, happy, and free lives, away from the poor dead of Europe.

And I also felt that I was a really good fellow. New York Review Books’ decision to bring more of his work to a wider audience is in many ways one that is as enjoyable as it is noble.

Curzio Malaparte

Published December 31st by Marlboro Press first published Prefaced by a malapwrte to “the honorable American soldiers who were skon comrades-in-arms Like the crying engineer, Malaparte weeps over the myriad dead of Naples, but the author also uses humor to mitigate his grief. You will find Naples. The Urania orgy just being the most outrageous of them. Recensione di Sciarpina e Laura In Germany you feel fascism was largely the extorting opportunism of the disenfranchised lower middle class and intellect was something it always sought to purge; in Italy fascism began its life as an aesthetic and thus had more backing from the intelligentsia.


books, yo.

He also produced the variety show Sexophone and planned to cross the United States on bicycle. Notify me of new comments via email. He has enlarged the art of inventive fiction in more surreal and perverse ways than I ever could have imagined.

Not an easy read but decidedly brilliant and original none the less. Hitler blamed communism on the Jews; Malaparte blames it on homosexuals.

Encouraged by modern civilization to see their skins as more important than their souls, all malapadte participants have fought to save them, to prevent their being, as in a couple of unforgettable setpieces, flown proudly from a flagpole representing both liberation and slavery and from also being dragged limply behind toward the communal grave we’ll all share.

As a member of the Partito Nazionale Fascistahe founded several periodicals and contributed essays and articles to others, as well as writing numerous books, starting from the early s, and directing two metropolitan newspapers. That the hyper-fertile hinterland of Naples would in the post war era siin almost a third of all agricultural produce in Italy, and that the Italians would provide the world with so many wonderful tbe, only makes it appropriate that some of the more amusing and richly imagined parts would revolve around food.

The articles he sent back from the Ukrainian Frontsmany of which were suppressed, were collected in and brought out under the title Il Volga nasce in Europa “The Volga Rises in Europe”. On the topic malapxrte Adolf Hitlerthe book was far more doubtful and critical.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Virtually impossible to decipher, there are no easy answers or views to be taken.


And yet, there is skib humanity, evident when he pleads with some frightened and inexperienced Americans to not move a wounded man, for he is dying, or when he goes searching for his dog, Bebo, only to find him in the university hospital, enduring suffering in silence-one of the most touching and sin moments in a novel where such events are not in short supply.

The Skin by Curzio Malaparte

I yhe even reluctant to recommend it, because I would like to hide this book from the world and keep it for myself. Troubled by this the General at least offers money for a decent burial.

The lid was raised and the basket seemed to be filled with mussels, or shelled oysters, as they are occasionally displayed in the windows of Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly in London. It’s a novel that packs an emotional wallop. For Malaparte, Mussolini’s revolutionary outlook was very much born of his time as a Marxist.

Malaparte extends the great fresco of European society he began in Kaputt. The scenes grow worse and worse, as Malaparte seemingly draws images from a sort of Divine Comedy come to life.

Malaparte seems to ask us. See 2 questions about The Skin…. Probabilmente sono presenti entrambi questi aspetti in una miscela indissolubile. I would imagine that they were scandalized by a lot of the distressing and often bewildering observations about their recent past.